Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hey every one!
My name is Nicholas Cole I am a baker in the day and a self training cook at night. I am here to take you along with me on my journey as I try new things and expand my cooking knowledge. A few goals I am hoping to work towards are to learn how to make as much as I can from scratch using only fresh ingredients and to cook 500 different dishes. As you will soon see I don't really have a pattern on what I make I jump around from one project to the next.  Also I have www.cookwithnick.com a cooking website that features the recipes and knowledge of my friends and myself. Every so often I have a throwdown, and yes it is based on bobby flays throwdown from food network, anyways a couple of my friends and I pick a dish, make it than the judging decides our fate. So there you have it that is me in a nut shell, just joking you will learn a lot more about me as I continue this blog like my inability to write or spell.

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