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Restaurant Review: Sausalito Bakery and Cafe

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On my way home from San Francisco, CA, I thought it would be nice to stop and get something to eat. Just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Fransisco is the water front community of Sausalito, a town world renown for its food; so you understand picking a place to eat was difficult. With over twenty restaurants in walking distance of downtown, I asked a few of the locals what they recommend. My choice was made. I went to Sausalito Bakery and Cafe, a small restaurant right on the seaside strand in the heart of town.
    As you walk through the doors, you are instantly greeted and taken away by its peaceful and private atmosphere. The lighting was dimmed down, letting the natural light from the sun shine through the front windows. And the tables placed in there own hollows in the back walls gave for a very private and romantic vibe.
   The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. I was able to meet with Fariba Azar, the owner of the cafe, who has been running the restaurant for over 10 years. She had a few recommendations. It was hard to choose, everything looked great. I went with the meat lasagna with a slice of their uniquely made bread pudding. I loved the serving style. Almost everything is prepared and displayed in their cases, so you can have more of a visual as you choose. You place your order and sit down as they prepare your dish and bring it to your table. 

     The lasagna was served piping hot, on a hot plate placed on a square plate for a nice artistic touch, with 2 slices of that famous San Francisco sourdough bread. Everything is made right there in the bakery from scratch using only local fresh ingredients. The lasagna was great with several layers of delicious homemade noodles and sausage, topped with extra feta and mozzarella cheese. The addition of a few Kalamata olives gave the perfect touch to this dish. The bread pudding is the other dish they served. Standing about 5 ½ inches tall was their moist homemade bread pudding topped with hot blueberries and a scoop of fresh whipped and chilled cream. Delivering the perfect combination to end a great meal.
       Don’t think that what I got is all they have, they have a little something for everyone with several vegetarian meals including lasagna and other pastas. Along with pastries and cookies of all types to fresh made drinks and shakes. So whether you are wanting to sit down for a whole meal or just grab something sweet on your way through or sit outside and enjoy the ocean view, Sausalito Bakery and Cafe have something for everyone.

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