Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meatloaf Throwdown #10

Day 9
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    Meatloaf Throwdown

I first would like to thank every one that showed up to the meatloaf throwdown this was our 10th throwdown, I think every thing is starting to run very smoothly. So again thank you to all the judges, cooks and every one that showed there support.
    If you were not at the throwdown we did meatloaf for the first time. We had three entrees that included my roommate Chris Johnstone a baker for corporate grocery store Safeway.  Also entering was long time friend and past high school enemy Sebrina Dollosso, phlebotomist by day and self taught chef by night. And we had my self Nicholas J Cole.

The battle was on, in 3rd place we had Chris, he was going for a more traditional meatloaf with a slight twist of bell peppers, mushrooms and onions blended and mixed into meat mixture with cheddar cheese pockets all throughout the loaf. He topped it off with a spice honey mixture that was placed on half way threw the cooking process, and served the meal on paper plates the way a home cooked meatloaf was meant to be served.

Ahead of Chris was Sebrina with her barbecue themed meatloaf consisting of finely chopped mushrooms, bell peppers, and bacon that she had spiraled threw out for a pleasing appearance when cut. She served hers to the judges on a nice white and blue designed rectangular plates,. the meat was placed on a bed of barbecue sauce for a little extra kick.

Winning the throwdown by only 2 points was my Mexican style Boiled Meatloaf from yesterdays post. I tried to grab some of the originality points by creating a Mexican style meatloaf consisting of a mixture of beef, pork, rice, onions, and fresh mint chopped up and mixed together. It was boiled in a soup mixture of tomatoes, carrots and chilies to cook the rice and infuse the flavors. I then served it fanned out on a plate with a few of the complementing vegetables and juice from the soup, topped with a mint leaf for the garnish.
The judges consisted of freelance writer Dylan Duarte, Free lance artist Jeff Morin, and long time friend Ladona Hartman. The judges had a hard time for all the dishes were put together wonderfully, Dylan being a full time judge for all the throwdowns was looking for more of the bold flavors, Chris's did not deliver as it was a little to blended for any one flavor to stand out, he did find what he was looking for in Sebrina's with her sweet barbecue touch. Jeff was looking for a little something different, Sabrina's did not have quite enough spice to offset the sweetness for Jeff's taste he found more comfort in the the mint and meat mixture in my meatloaf with the spicy juice and sweet vegetables of my dish. Ladona seemed to enjoy them all, she did note the nice touch of cheese in Chris's.
    They had to make there choices it was judged with a 1-10 for each category of Taste, Originality, and Presentation with a x2 added to the taste category for its importents in the dish.
Final results

Chris - even thou his flavor was good it was a little to basic and he lacked in the presentation. Score 55

Sebrina - Did very nice in each category and came in first in taste by 1 point but fell behind 2 points in each Originality and Presentation
Score 95

Nick - Great in each category lost taste by a hair but picked up originality and Presentation for the win
Score 97

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