Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pineapple Vingar Part 2 Day 7

Day 7
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    Following up on my pineapple vinegar from last week, I placed it in a closet so that it was out of the way and I did not think or mess with it. The pineapple that flouted to the top had started growing a little mold on it, I was worried about this but asked around. There is no problem with a little mold once the liquid hits the stage of vinegar it will have plenty of acidity to kill almost anything. The liquid was also a little foggy and again this is normal for this stage.
    I removed the cloth I had placed over it in the closet and strained out the pineapple chunks and placed the liquid back in a clean jar. I covered it once again with a cloth, I am going to place it back in the closet for 3 more weeks at this point I will post again with updates.

Also I would like to share some exciting news, after almost a year we are having a throwdown tonight. Theme is meatloaf I will share my recipe tomorrow or the next day along with having a post that covers the night. Check out the other throwdowns at cookwithnick.com

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