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Indonesian Avocado Shake with Choc Syrup Recipe

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    As I was doing some research on how to grow a avocado tree that I showed you in yesterdays blog, I ran into a picture on wikipedia of a Indonesian Avocado Shake. Safe to say that blew my mind, I never heard of a avocado shake. I had to read up on it and its a popular drink made many different ways from coffee to chocolate. Before I knew it I was in the store buying avocados, there was not going to be any sleeping for me tell I have tried this drink. I got all the ingredients and got started.

Indonesian Avocado Shake with Choc Syrup

1 Cup crushed Ice
5 Tbs Sugar
½ Can La Lache (7oz)
3 Tbs Water
2 Avocados
Choc Syrup

Throw everything in blender and mix until smooth about 1 min. Run some choc syrup around the inside of the glass and let it run down side. Fill the Glass with Avocado Mix and top with a little more syrup. Makes 2 8oz glasses

So there we have it, all I had left was the tasting, The texture was wonderful smooth and creamy the choc and La lache did not take away from the avocado flavor they worked together in a way that I did not expect. Personally I would have to say it was a nice experience but to me I would keep my avocados out of the desert dishes and back in the salads, sandwiches and sushi. I would make this again for friends to experience but it is not my cup of tea.

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  1. By all reason, I should be totally grossed out by this drink but I really want want to try it.