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Italian Salad Recipe

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Starting out the new month I am motivated to get my diet back on track and top it off with some exercise. I finished my job for the day and swung by the house to pick up my roommate. After 5 min of pounding on his door trying to wake him from whatever crazy sleep he was in, then followed by another 10 min of motivational speeches he finally got out of bed. Then the adventure started. I don’t really know what to do at the gym I am new to the whole healthy thing. Only time I been to the gym before was to go swimming with friends. I figured I would start with some cardio, I went with a bike on hill mode for 25 min I want to work up to 45 min down the road. I messed around with some of the weight machines but don’t have any clue on how I should get started I am going to read up on it. When I got home I decided to make a salad since I am in a healthy mood right now I created a Italian salad based on one that I seen in a package once at the grocery store.

Italian Salad
Makes 3 Salads

1 Head Green leaf lettuce
Large hand full of mixed baby greens
1/4 pound Genoa Salami (Cut into med size pieces)
⅓ pound Ham cubed into ½ in pieces
½ of a Cup Shredded Cheese I did a mix of Mozzarella and Parmesan
¼ cup of black olives sliced (about 6 Large)
4 Pepperoncini Sliced thin

Cut up head of green leaf lettuce add all other ingredients  and toss I serve my with a mix of Light balsamic vinegar and Light Italian dressing. Makes about 3 large servings.

If any one has any other ideas for this recipe or any other diet recipes they would like to share please post in comments.

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